Improving Quality in HIV Prevention in Europe
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About IQhiv

The IQhiv initiative was launched in 2009 with two primary objectives:

  1. To promote the routine inclusion of quality improvement practices into HIV prevention across Europe at the project, program and policy levels.
  2. To disseminate information on quality improvement practices that have been shown to enhance the effectiveness of HIV prevention at the project, program and policy levels.

IQhiv takes a pragmatic approach to quality improvement. It identifies, adapts and disseminates practical tools for quality improvement that can be used to assess and strengthen operations and activities. In turn, efforts to improve quality identify and collect evidence for good practices. In addition, it enables and encourages implementers to look at their work without fear of blame or humiliation.

Quality Improvement in Practice

A good QI initiative makes the thinking and learning behind a HIV Prevention project visible. It checks its validity, it shares it, and it documents it for the future. The IQhiv graphic below illustrates this process. Click on the graphic to get an overview of the different phases of Quality Improvement in HIV Prevention.