Improving Quality in HIV Prevention in Europe
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Capacity Building

IQhiv pursues its mission of promoting quality improvement (QI) in HIV prevention. To this end, it builds the capacity of HIV prevention stakeholders, locally and internationally, to engage with the concept of quality improvement (QI).


IQhiv Roadshow

The IQhiv “Roadshow” is a presentation on quality improvement in HIV prevention combined with an interactive workshop using practical QI tools. It can be used as a general introduction to the topic for any group of interested HIV prevention practitioners.

If you are interested in bringing the IQhiv Roadshow to your group or network of relevant stakeholders, please contact the IQhivproject consultants.

Using the IQhiv website

You can start building your capacity by using the content of this website as an introduction to quality improvement in HIV prevention. It includes much of the information that the Roadshow uses. You can get an overview by going to What is it? and by looking at the practical tools to see some of the processes used for quality improvement.


IQhiv continuously refines its concepts and capacity building materials, such as the Roadshow and this website, in response to feedback from workshops and website users. It also collects, assesses and adapts further practical tools. If you can contribute feedback or know about a suitable quality improvement tool, please contact us.