Improving Quality in HIV Prevention in Europe
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an easy-to-use, evidence-based QI questionnaire

The Succeed tool is an interactive PDF that you fill in with your information. Please download the tool to the hard drive of your computer before opening it and entering any information.

Succeed is an easy-to-use tool designed to help HIV prevention projects assess their objectives and analyse their ability to meet them with sound, high quality activities.

It allows project personnel and important stakeholders to review their own work and improve it during project implementation. Although relatively simple, Succeed is based on scientific research about success factors in the field of health promotion. It has been specifically adapted for use in HIV prevention. It can be used to review existing interventions or to review a plan for a new one.

Succeed recognises that achieving objectives in a prevention project can be very challenging. It also recognises that projects are often sophisticated and complex, which means that few manage to go from idea to fulfilled objectives in a short time. While the overall goals of HIV prevention projects are only reached over the long term, Succeed can help you ensure that day-to-day work is done the right way and that progress is made according to plan.

Guided Questionnaire

Succeed is a guided questionnaire that you fill in for your project, either alone or using a group work process. Practical examples from HIV prevention help you to focus on each question. The questionnaire is divided into three parts:

  • Structure
  • Process
  • Results

Each part has several sections (e.g. Key Population, Network and Changes in Behaviour) and you choose the questions that apply to your project. At the end of each section, you can develop and document your own recommendations and actions for improvement.

The process can be completed within a few hours or it can be done over a day or two, depending on how much detail you want to include and how many stakeholders participate.